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I don't see much of this pairing so... 
26th-Jul-2009 01:48 pm

Title: Place title here because I'm not talented when it come to this

Band: Gym Class Heroes

Rating: PG-13
Pairing Matt McGinley and Travis McCoy (some Mc-loving, get it? Both of the last names start in "Mc". Nevermind. -_-)

Characters: Gym Class Heroes would be nice. Anyone else from Decaydance is ok too. If you want to include other band outside the label let me know.

Summary:  I would like this to be set when they're on tour. Matt finds out that Travis has feelings and doesn't know how to confront him about it because he doesn't know how to tell him that he doesn't exactly feel the same way. Awkwardness ensues. Some angst among both characters but nothing too dramatic. I would like this to have a somewhat happy ending.

E-mail: cloudsxdreamsxrainbows@yahoo.com

If you are interested in doing this story leave a comment. If you have any other ideas once you start just e-mail me. I'm willing to make some changes as long as it sticks to the general idea of the story.

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