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8th-Feb-2009 02:29 pm - NEWS
Come on people, I know you have some wonderful ideas bubbling inside your heads! I am a little dissapointed with the lack of posts in the last several months. This really is just another reminder to say that this community is not dead. :( Cheers.
31st-Dec-2008 07:04 pm - NEWS?
Hi everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Years! Cheers!
26th-Dec-2008 11:48 am - NEWS

Hi everyone. I just wanted to assure you all that the community is still alive and well. I would like to remind everyone to post, I will accept all of your posts just as long as they follow the simple guidelines from the community profile.  :) 

In other news, we have a new affiliated community; </a></font></b></a>xoxoloveletters. You should all check it out (youreallyshould).

writing fictional letters from one person to another within most any bandom. it can be anything such as a letter, a picture, a poem, etc. Anything you can think of that would go along with writing love letters. This also includes letter based fics. As long as it has some sort of handwritten letter as the prompt or part of the story, you can post it here. And if you need people to write you letters, you can request it.
(taken right from the community profile) 

That's all. Cheers and a merry-late ChristmaKwanzaakah to you all.
11th-Nov-2008 09:45 pm - M*A*S*H AU
favorite episode

Title: M*A*S*H AU
Rating: R or NC-17
Pairing Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Ashlee, Jon/Cassie, (slight) Pete/Patrick, (slight) Haley/Spencer
Characters: Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, Spencer Smith, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, William Beckett, Ashlee Simpson, Cassie, Haley and other minor characters if necessary
Length: 2 or 3 Parts
Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

t's 1951. Set in South Korea during the Korean War. The story follows the surgeons and nurses of MASH Unit 5077. Where Lieutenant Colonel Peter Wentz is in charge (and more or less puppeteered by Corporal Patrick Stump). Joker Captain Brendon Urie is the Chief Surgeon of the Unit and rooms with his best-friend Captain Jonathon Walker and their colleague Major Ross. Corporal Spencer Smith is the only male Nurse on the MASH 5077 and is constantly teased for it. Haley (I don't know her last name) is one of the Nurses and is infatuated with Spencer. And Corporal William Beckett is a Draft Dodger that likes to dress up in Women's clothing.

What happens when soon to be engaged Jonathon falls for Spencer? And what happens when religious Brendon starts to fall for Ryan? What happens when very much in love with his wife (maybe pregnant wife) Peter starts to think he has feelings for Patrick? And how far will William go to get out of the army? I have all lot of those questions answered by the way.

Your E-mail:  deemustlove@gmail.com
Note: I advertised a co-write at SATD companion in case you noticed. I would just really like to see this story written and I know I probably wouldn't be able to get it done by myself.

7th-Nov-2008 12:25 pm - Have the Idea, Need The Author!
Title: Penny For Your Thoughts ((can be changed because it's lame))
Band: Panic at the Disco!
Rating: Whatever the prospective author feels like! Personally I would say probably somewhere between PG and PG-13
Pairing: Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
Characters: Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Jon Walker, Spencer Smith, any other FBR boy who may be needed, and mention of Brent Wilson
Summary: Ok, so this is kind of a ridiculous little idea that I came up with, and it would probably just be a oneshot, but it's present times, a little AU because there's no Keltie or anything. Brendon and Ryan are together, but Brendon's fed up because Ryan is just getting more and more distance and he's starting to feel like Ryan doesn't care, so he confronts Ryan about it, and he accuses Ryan of not giving anything to the relationship, time, thought, anything, and Ryan just kind of loses it and yells at Brendon that 'of course he does' and Brendon's all "I'll bet you don't even remember the day we met, let alone my birthday!" And Ryan's all fuck you, it's you who doesn't remember the day that we met! Then Ryan tells a stupid little story about when he was ten, making Brendon nine, he was at the grocery store, and Brendon was running to keep up with his parents and he tripped and basically wiped out. Ryan helped him up, and Brendon gave him this huge grin, said nothing to him, but handed him a penny before running to go catch up with his family. And Ryan recognized Brendon again about a week after they "officially met" because Brendon dropped a bunch of papers that he had been carrying and a stranger helped him pick them up, and he gave the stranger a penny. Also, it would be kind of cute if Ryan had kept the penny...
Your E-mail: prettyoddsins@yahoo.com
6th-Nov-2008 03:50 pm - Untitled Treckett

Title: Untitled

Band: The Academy Is... and Gym Class Heroes

Rating: PG-13ish (maybe R?)
Pairing William Beckett and Travis McCoy (Treckett)

Characters: William and Travis (duh). The rest of TAI and GCH would be nice. Anyone else from Decaydance is ok too.

Summary: William is a lonely, aspiring writer in Maine. Travis is a cashier in the local supermarket who always tries to flirt with William. William, though clearly interested, refuses the many offers made by Travis. The idea I had in mind followed the many steps in their relationship. Like getting to know eachother, good times, bad times....yada yad yada. Is this too vague?

E-mail: cloudsxdreamsxrainbows@yahoo.com

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. All I really ask is that I am given some credit for the idea. Nothing major, right? I'll most likely be making a lot of post requesting Treckett fics since there aren't enough in the world. I'll probably post other pairing request too, or at least I'll try...lol.

5th-Nov-2008 11:29 am - News
thumbs up
Yes, that's right ladies (and gents)! We have a fancy new layout all thanks to my new friend [info]_sofiej_. Who is completely awesome for taking time out of her busy day to help me. Thank you so much, Sofie! I owe you one of my kidneys.

In other news, if you go to the community user profile, you will be able to see that there have been some changes. The changes are highlighted under the font that says New. So please go check that out. Cheers.
6th-Oct-2008 12:11 am - News

Looking for a new layout. If anyone is interested please contact me at slashplotbunny@gmail.com.
6th-Oct-2008 12:01 am - News
I just wanted to get the word out that this community is now up and running. New members are always welcome. And I hope you guys will be able to get a lot from this and have fun at the same time. Cheers.
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