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2nd-Dec-2009 09:35 pm - noting the lack of genie fics
Man, it feels good to be back.

Anywho, getting down to buisness. Any Sisky/Butcher slashers out there?
If there are, then one of you should take up an interesting challenge. Let's say that Butcher finds a genie, Sisky, and releases him from his bottle-prison. There's some potential there. All that Yes master-anything you wish stuff should be interesting.
And, I don't really write TAI fiction(save Treckett) or else I'd write it.So, check it out. Think about it and such. Maybe listen to 'Genie in a Bottle'....
30th-Nov-2009 01:02 am - Of Fate and Glory
keltoria in target :D
About this time last year, I finished and started posting a story called The Bird and The Map. This story was my baby, so it was really hard to let go of it once I finished. I ended up writing this pretty intricate and very eccentric storyline for a sequel, but I haven't been able to write it. For some reason, I couldn't really get into it like TB&TM.

SO, since I really want to see this get written, (because it deserves to be), I'm willing to pass it on to someone else, but you have to be dedicated and really understand the story. There's a basic summary here, but you should message or comment me for my notes and outlines if you decide to take this.

If you do, it's a really awesome story, and I won't be able to thank you enough for taking this over...I really want this to get finished and I wish I had been able to write it, myself. Well, that's about it, just message or comment me if you're interested, and we can talk further about my notes, like I said, or any ideas that you have for it.

4th-Oct-2009 09:14 pm(no subject)
My sister came up with this idea. Ryan/Brendon. After the split, what happens to the infamous jacket?
Ryan: http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg87/panicwhateverrr/ryan%20and%20brendon/cd769060.jpg
Brendon: http://i246.photobucket.com/albums/gg87/panicwhateverrr/ryan%20and%20brendon/aww_ry_smell_good_right_bren.jpg
Doubt they had two of the same jacket, right?
Yeah, anyway. This may sound stupid, but what happened to that jacket/what happens after the split? Maybe this jacket brings them back together...I dunno. I just want RYDEN with that jacket.
10th-Jun-2009 08:06 pm - Pimpin the new community

Just thought I'd put this here

My site for ideas and random junk....for ppl who need ideas


If you want a challenge, feel free to drop by any time. I might get to posting junk tonight. 


Title: Place title here because I'm not talented when it come to this

Band: Gym Class Heroes

Rating: PG-13
Pairing Matt McGinley and Travis McCoy (some Mc-loving, get it? Both of the last names start in "Mc". Nevermind. -_-)

Characters: Gym Class Heroes would be nice. Anyone else from Decaydance is ok too. If you want to include other band outside the label let me know.

Summary:  I would like this to be set when they're on tour. Matt finds out that Travis has feelings and doesn't know how to confront him about it because he doesn't know how to tell him that he doesn't exactly feel the same way. Awkwardness ensues. Some angst among both characters but nothing too dramatic. I would like this to have a somewhat happy ending.

E-mail: cloudsxdreamsxrainbows@yahoo.com

If you are interested in doing this story leave a comment. If you have any other ideas once you start just e-mail me. I'm willing to make some changes as long as it sticks to the general idea of the story.

9th-Aug-2009 11:46 pm - Untitled Gabilliam

Title: Untitled
Band: The Academy Is.../Cobra Starship
Rating: Don't really care - whatever you feel comfortable with ;)
Pairing: William Beckett/Gabe Saporta (Gabilliam)
Chracters: William and Gabe obviously, I would also love if you could include the rest of TAI and Cobra and if you want, Gym Class Heroes, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance...the more the merrier!
Summary: I'd just like a really sweet Gabilliam fic (doesn't have to be too long.) I was thinking something where Gabe & Will are in a relationship, then Will leaves Gabe for someone, possibly Travis or Ryan or even Pete. And then he comes back (of course) after getting abused by whoever he left Gabe for. And Gabe protects/comforts him and everything. (I'd also appreciate if you included the line 'I just want my Gabanti back.' Cuz I thought of that line and I loved it...but I'm too lazy to structure a whole fic around it...)

So, if anyone would step in and write that for me...you have no idea how much I would love you. My e-mail is LydiaLovesWinny@gmail.com, or feel free to message me on here.
21st-May-2009 11:34 pm - NEWS
Hey there everyone! I was just hoping to direct your attention for a moment to the communities profile page, where you can see our lovely new banner that _superherogirl_ so kindly made us. I personally think it's delightful and I am sure she would love to hear your comments on it! :) Cheers!
20th-May-2009 03:01 pm - NEWS

Come on people, I am more than a little dissapointed now by this communities turn out. This community has been “alive” for seven months now. I know that we can do better than this! You are all wonderfully creative people, and I often see on communities such as; patdslashseek  people begging for certain plot-lines to be written! So don't be shy and send in your requests here!

Though, I would also like to take this moment to remind members once again, that this is not a community where you post your stories. Just pitch your story ideas. There are so many other wonderful communities out there dedicated to that very thing. All you have to do is look. 

In other news, I am still a complete failure with HTML, and had many moons ago had a beautiful promo-banner designed for me by[info]itsaemothing. And I was curious to know if anyone could lend me a hand with working out a few kinds I have been having with it? I would really like to have this baby up and posted on the main page to share with you all before June. If you are interested in helping out, you can contact me at slashplotbunny@gmail.com. Thank you, cheers! 

(The promo-banner
 if you would care to take a look.)

22nd-Feb-2009 08:43 am - Young Hearts
Title: Young Hearts
Author: itsaemothing
Pairing: Ryan/Spencer , Ryan/Brendon
Rating: Based on the chapter
Summary: Brendon is Italian, his mother own a restaurant and his father owns a car dealership. Spencer’s father owns casinos and his mother is this big desperate house wife. Ryan is middle class, Brendon and Spencer are rich. Ryan is crushing on Brendon, so Ryan starts working at the restaurant during the summer.
A/n: The first chapter has been posted slashatthedisco
22nd-Feb-2009 12:00 am - NEWS
I have had some lovely posts that were submitted a little while ago but I was unable to post them because they had not been submitted in the right format. It had nothing to do with your idea being a bad or good one (because they certainly were not!) I am just trying to keep the community neat and tidy, and easy to search through :) So please do no be shy and feel free to re-submit your posts using the guidelines from the user profile as your prompts. Have a good night, cheers!
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