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slash_plotbunny's Journal

Slash Writing Community
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don't have any new ideas/or can't write? you're one or the other? new bandslash community!

Credit for the wonderful banner goes to the lovely and most talented _superherogirl_. Thank you so much Lucy!

Slash: n.Generally applies to fanfiction in which two males or two females are in a relationship or together.

Disclaimer: This is all fiction. The people mentioned own themselves. And the events mentioned never happened.

What is this?:

Do you ever find yourself with an incredible idea but, you can't write worth a damn? Or you're an incredible writer and have a creative itch but, can't think of an idea? If yes, than slash_plotbunny is for you.

This community is to help fans of band slash that have a hard time writing and for writers that deem themselves temporarily artistically disabled.

The catch?:

Let's pretend your idea is a hypothetical baby for a minute. Your hypothetical baby. Now I expect that most of you wouldn't just ring some stranger's doorbell and leave your baby on their front step, during a snow storm, would you? Well, I hope not.

The point is for you to stay actively involved with the fic, even after you have "sold" your idea to a writer. This may mean communicating through e-mail and etc. if you have to. If you don't feel comfortable giving your e-mail to a complete stranger, be smart. Make a new e-mail account on gmail.com or something.

As for the writers, it's a two way street. You're collaborating, don't just take an idea and pawn it off as your own. The person that came up with the idea may not be a strong writer but they probably have some fabulous ideas, and don't be afraid to give them your own constructive input.


However if you do wish to be as little involved as possible with the writing of the story, that is OK. Just please specify this in your post.


1. No non-constructive critism from both parties

2. This is not a fic request. Any posts that read along the lines of:

"Can someone write a William/Brendon teacher fic?"

Will be rejected.

3. When you post use this guideline:

First: Give your post a title.

Title: If you have a title write it down. If not write: UNTITLED.
Band: What band are we slashing here?
Rating: Some people do not feel comfortable writing NC-17. So make sure to rate your idea accordingly.
Pairing Some people only write certain pairings. So write the pairings that will be involved in this fiction:
Characters: Write down the list of characters that you plan to have in the fic.
Summary: Write a short detailed summary of the plot. Not too short, though. If you are too vague no one is going to be interested in writing it.
Your E-mail: So you and the author can communicate in more detail. If you don't feel comfortable about giving your e-mail out right away, wait for people to comment then give them your e-mail. Whichever makes you feel comfortable.

Last: Tag your post

4.Do not take idease without asking. Anyone who does, and is caught will be reported and banned from the community.

5. Off topic posts are not permitted.

6. Role-playing promotions are not premitted.

7. If you have any problems contact me at slashplotbunny@gmail.com

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